Beyond 90


we celebrate the best stories ever told

Our atmosphere team have years of experience creating Olympic-scale outdoor events, bringing together entire cities and nations to celebrate our heroes.

putting fans at the heart of the story

Expert knowledge of in-bowl dynamics and fan behaviour help us produce stunning content and imagery, which is shared around the world.

telling the stories beyond 90 minutes

We understand the right mix of content for successful fan zones, engaging fans, delivering ROI and providing smart data and feedback.

we’re in the field every game

Creating genuine interactions, delivering unique and tailored activities, our teams enhance the fan experience every game.

we’re experts in fan behaviour

Our team of over 200 specially trained, sport enthused match-day operatives enhance engagement, delivering a personalised experience for each fan.

designing fan experience from the ground up

Using our depth of experience operating in fan and event spaces we help clubs, stadium operators and civic bodies design & develop innovative fan spaces.

it’s great when the plan comes together

By bringing all of our design disciplines together we build totally immersive fan spaces

All 3 divisions of Beyond 90 support each other to achieve our mission of engaging sport fans beyond 90 minutes to the benefit of fans,
clubs and partners alike.

If you would like us to help tell your story get in touch.